Specialty Diamond Detail


  • Full Service Wash
  • Full Service Vacuum
  • Chemical Bath & Steam Clean Wheels
  • Complete Color Sand and Paint Correction
  • Complete Exfoliation & Decontamination of Clear Coat
  • Thorough 4 Step High Speed Buff – Removes most scratches.
  • First Step Level Clear, Second Step Remove Most scratches, Third Step remove swirls, fourth step apply sealant
  • Complete DA buffer Applied Nano Ceramic for Long Lasting Protection and Deep Wet Shine
  • Complete Power FoamPower Scrub and Steam Cleaning of all Interior Carpet and Upholstery
  • Complete Nano Skin’s FABRIC PROTECTOR on all carpet and upholstery
  • Complete Sanitizing of All Interior Killing 99.99% of All Bacteria
  • Complete Degreasing of All Interior Vinyl & Leather
  • Thorough Cleaning of All Interior Areas
  • Clean All Vents, Cracks & Crevices
  • Apply Nano Skin’s FEED Leather Revitalizer makes leather soft and plump with absolutely no residue or gloss. Great on both old worn leather and new leather.
  • Clean & Degrease Wheels & Wheel Wells
  • Complete Exterior Dressing
  • Apply Nano Skin’s RAIN Sealant on all glass for Superior Scratch Resistance and Great Hydrophobic Properties
  • Apply Nano Skin’s BRAKEDUST to wheels. Prevents chipping and pitting and allows 90% less brake dust build up. (Great on heavy imports)
  • Power Foam And Steam Headliner
  • Pressurize and Sanitize Vent System
  • Steam Clean Engine

Additional Charges for SUVS, VANS & TRUCKS

Color Size and Condition Extra


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